Membership Level Benefits

*Orientation and training modules are required for access to the Maker Playground, prior to your use of the space. Membership is contingent on following and accepting the Maker Playground waiver and contract. Members less than 18 years of age must have a guardian sign their waiver and agree to the policy and procedure included.

become a member

Various machines require training, test, and approval of a Maker Playground administrator before new member usage. Please visit our calendar to register for your new member orientation, or classes for training and testing approval on additional machinery. If members want to use a machine they do not have approval for, staff can assist as available or order parts from the front desk. All access to machines are limited and dependent on availability. Machine access can be reserved via appointment on our Maker Playground calendar. 

New members are also subject to a one month probationary period before full access is granted to the shop. This allows for staff to get to know new members and insure proper shop safety is being practiced. Members who neglect equipment or safety can have privileges revoked or suspended. 

Monthly withdrawals from your designated banking institution will occur upon your waiver agreement being signed. You may cancel at any time, and will need to notify a Maker Playground administrator of your wish to discontinue in person. As with all Fishers Parks programs and activities, residents will receive a discount.