Show Up for Celebrations

Show Up for Celebrations When You’re Unable to Attend

Summer is often the busiest time of the year for events & celebrations with graduations, engagements, weddings, birthdays, & family reunions. 

But how do we show up for our loved one’s milestones when we’re hesitant or unable to attend? 

Here is a list of creative solutions to recognize the guest(s) of honor without physically attending the celebration. 


Almost all retailers, both brick and mortar or online, offer a gift card option to send via email to a recipient of your choice. Send an eGift Card to the honored guest and make it a seamless transaction when it is sent directly to their email. 


Ask the host if there might be a creative way to connect with attendees and the guest(s) of honor virtually, like FacebookLive, ZOOM, or InstagramLive to name a few!

All that is required is a mobile setup to capture all the moments of the celebration and you can recommend the virtual attendees the chance to propose a toast or share a story about the guest of honor. 

After Party

Creating a memorable event and celebration is hard work for the host and/or hostess. Offer to host a small gathering at your home or favorite park to honor the guests and/or event host after the main event has taken place. Better yet, offer to bring over some hot coffee or tea the morning after the celebration takes place!

Supply Setup

Offer your vehicle and/or personal shopping skills to help gather supplies, decor, food, or beverages for the host. Having an extra vehicle to load and unload during setup and tear down can be crucial to a timeline that leaves little room for error.  

Assemble Favors

"Many hands make light work". Table numbers, party favors, DIY decor, photo collage, and yard signs are all types of decor most hosts are putting together the week before a celebration. Offer to help craft some of these personalized trinkets to complete the overall design of the event. 

For weddings especially, large quantities of place setting decor and party favors need to be constructed and organized, help ease the hosts stress and offer to create an assembly line to get it tackled.