Trail System

Fishers Parks & Recreation is proud to offer over 104 miles of multi-use and nature trails. To discover parks and trails near you, view the Parks Map (PDF) and Amenities Grid (PDF).

Fishers Parks & Recreation Trails

Park Name Type of Trail Distance in Miles
Billericay Park Multi-Use 1.75
Brooks School Park Multi-Use 0.75
Cheeney Creek Natural Area Nature 1.91
Cumberland Park Nature / Multi-Use 0.50
Cyntheanne Park Nature / Multi-Use 1.00
Flat Fork Creek Park Nature / Multi-Use 2.30
Fishers Heritage Park at White River Nature / Multi-Use 1.02
Harrison Thompson Park Multi-Use 0.75
Hoosier Woods Nature 0.66
Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve Nature 2.25
Roy G. Holland Memorial Park Multi-Use 1.25

Trail Rules

The following rules have been established to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy their experience on our multi-use path system:

  • Be aware of traffic - Stop and look for traffic at all intersections before proceeding on trail.
  • Speed and control - Adjust speed for path conditions and other users. Be especially careful while passing pedestrians, children, and dogs. Maintain safe speed and control at all times.
  • Communicate before passing - It's important to let other trail users know when you are approaching from behind. Whether on rollerblades, bikes, or running; say, "Passing on your left." Give others plenty of time to respond.
  • Share the trail - Step off the trail when talking with friends, don't block the path for other users.
  • Right of way - Rollerbladers and bikers yield to pedestrians, and bike riders should yield to all other users. Keep to the right and pass on the left.
  • Pet owners - Keep pets on short leashes. Please clean when your pet litters the trail.
  • Don't litter - Respect the trail environment. Don't litter, disturb, or graffiti the trail or surroundings.
  • Be courteous - Be especially alert to users with special needs. Please respect others regardless of their mode of travel. Don't trespass or cut through adjacent properties or yards.

Bike Racks

Bike Racks are provided at Fishers City Hall (northwest entrance), and at the following parks:

  • Brooks School Park
  • Eller Park
  • Harrison Thompson Park
  • Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve
  • Roy G. Holland Memorial Park