Become a Vendor

fm vendorsThank you for your interest in becoming a Fishers Farmers’ Market vendor. The Fishers Farmers’ Market is proud to serve as a small business accelerator for the many wonderful farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and egg growers, and specialty food producers Central Indiana has to offer. 

We strive to create a diverse marketplace with a wide variety of the highest quality locally-produced products available.

The summer 2020 market takes place every Saturday from May 2, 2020 through September 26, 2020 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater.

How to Apply

Step 1 – See If You Qualify

The Fishers Farmers’ Market is strictly a food and farms marketplace. We are interested in showcasing locally grown, raised, sourced, and produced products. We do not accept vendors of arts/crafts, services, or merchandise of any kind.   

All products sold at the Fishers Farmers’ Market must be grown, raised, or made in Indiana by the vendor (unless otherwise noted in the Vendor Handbook). Vendors at the Fishers Farmers’ Market must reside in Indiana.

Businesses wishing to become a vendor for the sole purpose of promoting their products or services are not eligible. Please see the Information Tabling page to learn about informational tabling opportunities adjacent to the farmers market site.

The Fishers Farmers’ Market does NOT accept the following items:

  • Arts/crafts, services, or merchandise;
  • Dietary supplements, CBD products, vitamins, etc.;
  • Food items not grown, produced, and/or processed by the vendor;
  • Non-food items unless grown and processed by the producer (flowers, soap, lotion, beeswax candles);
  • Any product not produced in Indiana (unless an approved Specialty Food);
  • Beverages not produced by vendor business (such as canned soda or juice, energy drinks);
  • Carnival foods such as: corn dogs, cotton candy, candy apples, funnel cake, kettle corn, toffee, taffy, lemon shake-ups, etc.;
  • Nationally/internationally distributed products (defined as distribution to 10 or more states);
  • Farmed salmon or salmon products (must be wild-caught);
  • Products from businesses that operate under a franchise agreement.

Step 2 – Learn the Market Rules & Regulations

Please read our Vendor Handbook carefully to learn more about the Fishers Farmers’ Market and the requirements and expectations for vendors participating in our market.

Note our Sustainability Initiative focused on reducing waste from single-use plastic shopping bags. Vendors will not be allowed to distribute new single-use plastic bags with handles for customer purchases.

Vendor fees for 2020:

  • Full-time: $275 per 10’ x 10’ vendor space for the season
  • Half-time (1st/3rd or 2nd/4th Saturdays): $175 per 10’ x 10’ vendor space for the season
  • Once a month: $80 per 10’ x 10’ vendor space for the season

Step 3 - Complete the Online Application

All prospective vendors must submit a completed application, even if they have been a vendor at the Fishers Farmers’ Market in the past.

Applicants must list each product they wish to sell at their booth during the market season on their application. Products not listed on the application may not be sold at the market without pre-approval from the Market Manager. A vendor may not necessarily be approved to sell all types of products for which they apply.

Applications are due February 14, 2020. Please contact Jackie Leeuw, Market Manager, at 317-567-8561 or by email for more information.

Step 4 - Application Review & Vendor Selection

The Fishers Farmers’ Market is fortunate to have returning vendors who come year after year. Consideration will be given to those vendors with seniority. Highest priority will be given to farmers, growers, and producers.

All vendors must be approved before they are admitted to sell at the Fishers Farmers’ Market. Vendors are not selected on a first-come first-served basis. Vendor selection criteria are designed to keep the market fresh, interesting for customers, and profitable for vendors. The Fishers Farmers’ Market does not offer exclusivity for any vendor, company, brand, or products sold.

New applicants will be interviewed by phone so the vendor selection team can learn more about their business and food service background. Applicants may be asked to submit samples of their products for the team to evaluate. (Please do not submit samples until requested to do so.)

The Fishers Farmers Market strives to be an accelerator for local food entrepreneurs to grow new businesses. It is not our intent to penalize concession and/or prepared food vendors for being successful, but our goal is to provide opportunities and support for emerging food producers rather than larger, well-established businesses. The reality is that some food businesses are simply too big for the farmers market.  We generally do not approve vendors with more than one brick-and-mortar (retail) location and prefer to provide market space to vendors who do not have retail stores.

Other vendor selection criteria include:

  • History with the Fishers Farmers’ Market including but not limited to: adherence to market rules and regulations; number of years participated in the market; weekly market attendance/tardiness record; and payment of fees.
  • History of Health Department violations.
  • Enhancement of overall product mix at the market without creating excessive supply of any one product as determined by the Market Manager and selection committee.
  • Quality of products for sale by vendor as well as attractiveness and presentation of products/displays at vendor’s booth.
  • For prepared foods, we prefer vendors who prepare their products in a commercial kitchen over home-based vendors, to better ensure the health and safety of our customers.

Selected vendors will receive confirmation of the dates for which they are approved and request for payment of the booth fee. Payment is due when the vendor is approved (please do not send payment with application).

 Step 5 - Vendor Meeting

All vendors are required to attend the vendor meeting before the start of market season. The vendor meeting is typically held in late March or early April and multiple meeting dates/times will be offered. 

During the meeting, vendors will meet Fishers Farmers’ Market staff members, review the rules and regulations provided in the Vendor Handbook, and have the opportunity to ask questions about the market.