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Since 2018, the City of Fishers and Fishers Parks have been working hard to plan out every feature and aspect of one of its newest parks – the Fishers AgriPark, a 33-acre urban working farm at the southeast corner of 113th Street and Florida Road. Now, the AgriPark is nearly ready to be unveiled to the Fishers community with a planned July opening.

From the start, the vision of the AgriPark has been to provide a space for the community and future generations of farmers, engineers, agronomists, chefs, and more to see firsthand how the land is cultivated, where their food comes from – how it is planted, grown, and harvested – and how technology and tradition can work together in the future of farming.

At the heart of the farm, a high-tunnel covered growing area and 3-acre produce garden have been built and planted. The first structure built on the property, the 32- by 96-foot high tunnel serves as shelter for in-ground plants like tomatoes, peppers, and more, protecting them from chilly weather and frost. Surrounding the high tunnel, the fields are filled with cabbage and other greens, onions, potatoes, sweet corn, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and more.

Once ready for harvest, these foods will be available to the community at no charge. Guests of the park will have a chance to take part in the harvesting, too, as several you-pick opportunities will be given.

“Everything at the AgriPark will be free,” said Jackie Leeuw, Agriculture Coordinator for the City of Fishers. “Visitors will be able to come and take what they need while making sure everyone else can get some, too. We’ll also be able to utilize that produce for future educational programming. We’re really welcoming anybody and everybody. So, during the school year, we will be able to have some school groups here, but maybe you’re cooking dinner and need a few tomatoes for your meal that night. Families can come over and grab what they need.”

The Fishers Parks team also will be working with nonprofit organizations to donate a portion of the produce to those experiencing food insecurity locally.

In April, the Fishers Parks team planted 200 trees in a single day to mark the start of the farm’s tree nursery. The nursery will be used by the City to replenish and place trees throughout Fishers in our parks, at our facilities, and along our roadways.

The fall season will be a special time at the AgriPark. In May, 10 acres of field corn were planted, which will be home to a corn maze this fall. In addition, another field will house a gourd and pumpkin patch for picking, and a field of sunflowers will be grown for photo and craft opportunities.

A 5-acre area on the west side of the farm will be home to different types of farm animals, including a horse, livestock, goats, sheep, and pigs. Animals will arrive to the farm just before opening. In April, Fishers Parks secured its very first animal, a baby bull calf named Mudsock, a name chosen from a community vote.

Like the gardens and produce areas of the Agripark, the animal area will be food-producing.

“We’ll be able to have chickens here,” Leeuw said. “On the back side of the chicken coops, there are little boxes that the chickens will be able to lay their eggs in. Guests will be able to come out here with a staff member and pick out their eggs.”

The southern edge of the AgriPark will serve as an open event space with a Nature Trail connecting it to other parts of the farm.

On the trail, painted kindness rocks will line the path, and it will serve as an additional space for nature education from Fishers Parks.

“We have a lot of different trees and plants in this wood to learn about,” Leeuw said.

The event space will mostly be open for play and other programming. A play feature, donated by Reynolds Farm Equipment, constructed from sand and tires, will be in this area in addition
to a sensory garden to the west, near a large wildflower area.

“Like all of our parks, it will just be a nice space to be in and explore,” Leeuw said.