AW Gourmet Dog Treats


Based in Westfield, AW Gourmet Dog Treats was founded in 2019 with the goal of providing healthy, homemade treats for all types of dogs locally.


Peanut butter or chicken pot pie treats

INTERVIEW: Will Griffin, owner

Why did you start your business?
"We liked giving their dog treats, but didn’t like the ingredients of treats we found in stores. We wanted a healthier option, so we began making treats and distributing to our friends at work. From there, we started a website and began selling at the market."

What products do you sell and what is your most popular product?
"We sell all handmade dog treats. Our most popular treats are the peanut butter treat and the chicken pot pie treat. You can actually see the ingredients in the treats (carrots, corn, blueberries, etc). It looks like human food."

What is an interesting fact about your business?
"All our treats are soft. Also, our logo is actually a cartoon drawing of our dog, Charlie."  

What is your favorite part of the Fishers Farmers Market?
"Meeting people and their dogs. Connecting with people and connecting with something we have in common, a love for dogs! We love seeing how people and dogs react to their treats."

What else do you want customers to know about your business?
"We are always developing new treats and flavors. We listen to our customers and develop new products to fulfill those needs. All treats are all homemade with simple ingredients."

AW Gourmet Dog Treats