Animal Encounter

mudsock and calfachino

Meet Mudsock & Calf-a-Chino

Born in February 2020 and Fishers AgriPark’s first animalS, Mudsock and Calf-a-Chino are a cross-bred steer.

Did you know?

Mudsock and Calf-a-Chino have four stomachs each.

Meet Spirit

Spirit is a Rocky Mountain horse that is 8 years old. Spirit likes grass, hay, and snacks.

Did you know?

Horses sleep standing up and prefer to sleep that way.

spirit the horse
sheep 2

Meet the Sheep

Say hello to Darla, Marla, and Carla! These three ladies are called ewes. They have already had baby lambs, and they like to eat, run, and eat some more!

Did you know?

Sheep can see behind them without having to turn their heads.

Meet Harry

Harry is a male mallard duck and was donated to the AgriPark in August 2020.

Did you know?

Mallards mostly feed off of the surface of the water, eating all kinds of seeds, small fish, insects, frogs, and fish eggs. They also enjoy eating some human foods, like grain from crops.

harry the duck