Weather Policy

The Fishers Farmers Market is a rain or shine market. We operate on a regular schedule, even in heavy rain. Our farmers and producers work in all kinds of weather to bring you fresh, local, and delicious foods, and they count on their customers shopping at the market in good weather and bad. So, when rain is in the forecast, grab your boots, rain jacket, and umbrella and head on over to the Fishers Farmers Market!

We take the safety of our customers, volunteers, and vendors very seriously. Market staff will monitor the weather (via multiple weather sources and local weather radar) leading up to and during each Saturday market.

Tornadoes: The Hamilton County emergency sirens sound with a steady tone in the event that the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the county or if emergency personnel have sighted a funnel cloud or tornado. At the time of the siren sounding, the Market Manager will alert market visitors, volunteers, and vendors that one of the nearby parking garages is the safest location to seek shelter until the threat has passed. The tornado siren will sound for five minutes, but the cessation of the siren does not necessarily mean that the threat of tornado has passed.

woman with bags

In the event of inclement weather, the Fishers Farmers Market team will take the following measures:

  • If a severe weather threat occurs prior to the opening of the market and there is reason to believe the threat will persist through much of the morning, the market opening may be delayed or the market may be cancelled.
  • If severe weather, including lightning, high winds, and hail, develops after the market has opened, market staff will ask customers, vendors, and volunteers to take shelter in an enclosed vehicle or inside a nearby parking garage or other structure until the inclement weather has passed. 
  • If the weather radar indicates the presence of lightning within a 10-mile radius of the market site, the market will be temporarily closed and customers, volunteers, and vendors will be asked to seek shelter.
  • Once the weather has passed, a determination will be made about resuming market operations for the remainder of the market day. If more than 60 minutes have passed and the storm continues, or the Market Manager can verify an extended storm cell’s presence exceeding the remaining open hours of the market, the market will be closed for the day.
  • Vendors must ensure that adequate weights are attached to their tents at all times during inclement weather. If winds are extreme, vendors may be directed to take tents down to ensure safety of fellow vendors and customers.
  • Cancellation of a market day, either before or during the market, is viewed as a last resort. However, if weather conditions present safety hazards beyond what staff can be reasonably expected to handle, the market will be cancelled.
  • Any market delay or cancellation updates will be posted to Fishers Farmers Market social media channels. Vendors should also watch for an email, call, or text from the Market Manager.