Nickel Plate Trail

By the Community, For the Community

We asked the community to help us turn the Nickel Plate railway into a whole new kind of public space by sharing their ideas and suggestions. 

Between an online suggestion box, community events, activities and think tanks, and the incredible effort by our local schools, that simple request resulted in an outpouring of support. We asked people to "be bold, be original and be heard," and they were!

These ideas were then categorized, combined and refined to form the overall vision for the trail and determine the specific physical amenities, installations and activity zones it would include. 

Explore updates, the Master Plan, and renderings for more info, and see the frequently asked questions

Also, check out the project fact sheet and Facts vs. Myths.

1500+ ideas submitted by the community
30+ stakeholder meetings
200+ hse students involved

Explore the Master Plan

The final Master Plan illustrates what is possible and desired for art, technology, lighting, safety and placemaking.  

master plan green

Learn More

See frequently asked questions. Also, check out the project fact sheet and Facts vs. Myths.


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